Our history

Galleria Elena Established in 1983 in Naples.

A meeting place for designers and clients, it soon became a reference point for those looking for special and unique materials for their places.

The continuous research and specialisation of PierLuigi and Luciano de Caro on handcrafted materials and their applications, makes Galleria Elena today a perfect partner for architectural studios with a strong interest in materials and an intuitive knowledge of how to work with them.


We create handcrafted surfaces for architecture, supporting architects and interior designers in creating significant connections between people and the spaces they live in.

What we do

We work with architects and designers to create site-specific architectural surfaces and products.

We support our clients through research, selection, production and installation of products so that a flawless execution is guaranteed at every level.



Our materials are a summary of the infinite design possibilities that each one offers.

Expertly crafted by master artisans, their production supports a network of craftsmen throughout Italy.

Each project requires a specific, appropriate, focused surface.

We work with designers and clients to interpret the project in the best possible way and offer the best possible, made-to-measure solution.


Woods, marble, terracotta, cocciopesto, glazes and decorations

Six iconic materials of Italian culture in a chromatic scale ranging from white to black, passing through natural tones.

Each choice is the synthesis of studies into the nature of the material, the processes and the dimensions that bring out its expressiveness and valorise its unique properties.

The point of arrival is an open container that speaks of our company through a kaleidoscope of contemporary atmospheres with a timeless soul.



We are involved in high-profile national and international projects.

Architectural studios and clients require our advice on specific, high-craftsmanship applications.

These are the projects that we are working on.



Rolex - Napoli
Loro piana - Dubai
Ferragamo - Shangai
Ferragamo - Miami
Hermes - Capri
Hermes - Napoli

Hotel and Resort

Hotel holangerof - valdora
Park Hyatt hotel - Milano
Fort village resort - Sardegna
Villa marina Hotel - Capri
La palma hotel - Capri
Capri palace - Capri 
Grand hotel Quisisana - Capri
Grand hotel Excelsior vittoria - Sorrento
Hotel Regina isabella - Ischia
Mezzatorre hotel & spa - Ischia 
Park hotel miramare - Ischia
Hotel Casa celestino - ischia
Grand Hotel Vesuvio - Napoli
The Britannique hotel - Napoli
Habita79 hotel - pompei
Hotel riva degli etruschi - Toscana
Therasia resort - Vulcano
Monastero Santa Rosa hotel - Conca dei Marini

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